For each of Etihad Airway AND Emirates Airline organisations, are their respective CEO’s managers or leaders?

Identify what makes them either a leader or a manager in a given situation, ideally using an example of each (i.e. when they have demostrated traits of leadership, and when they have simply managed a situation).

* First paragraph , should be about Emirates Airlines.
*Second paragraph, should be about Etihad Airway.

*After that and in new line, compare and contrast my Airlines which is ( Emirates Airline OR Etihad Airway with Virgin Australia ” I post the information of this airline down ” )
NOTE: The comparing just like for 3 to 5 lines.

John Borghetti, Virgins new CEO also demonstrates his leadership role explaining the new implementation of the “Game change” program. Borghetti explains to clients that this new program will “ensure the company’s capacity to closely align profitability, establish a global network through strategic airline alliances, increase corporate business from 10 to 20 per cent and Maintain a strong presence in the leisure market” (Virgin Blue, Annual report 2010). This shows Borghetti’s strategic idea towards change, improvement and a better future.

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