Food Stamps; write a written argument that refutes the original argument you read

In the first part of this assignment, you did research and created an annotated bibliography related to an argument you chose to write about. This is the second part of that assignment.
In this assignment, you will be writing a written argument that refutes the original argument you read. In other words, you disagreed with the position argued in the document you chose. Now you will be writing a research essay that supports your position.
You will be using the sources you found in your research in Part 1 (annotated bibliography) of this assignment in this written argument. Please closely review the rubric to see the elements that are required in this paper. Note that this must be an APA-formatted paper, so it must have all of the required elements: Cover page, headers, page numbers, double-spaced text, indented paragraphs, in-text citations, and a references list.
Word count: minimum 500 words, maximum 700 words
Purpose and Goals
In this assignment you will be demonstrating strong argument and writing skills. You will craft an essay in the form of an argument and will be providing support from out side sources to defend your side of the argument. Each source will be documented using APA-style formatting.
You will be submitting this essay to two places. Please submit the same paper to both places, but you will not have to include the cover page when you submit it to the discussion board.
1. Submit the paper to in the Written Argument Part 2 assignment.
2. Copy and paste the paper into the discussion board and submit it there. (As stated above, you do not have to paste the cover page onto the discussion board.) You will be doing this
because for Part 3 you will be writing a written response to at least one classmate s argument.

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