First antenatal visit – Health history and assessment

Essay: First antenatal visit – Health history and assessment
You are attending a first antenatal visit with one of your Continuity of Care Experience women. Discuss the
importance of the first antenatal visit including the need for a health history, maternal assessment and
documentation in the provision of midwifery care.
In your written paper you will need to address the points below in
your discussion.
1.Discuss the rationale for taking a health history and maternal assessment
2.Discuss the function of the South Australian Pregnancy Record (hand held record) in carrying out a health
history and documentation
3.Outline the principles of risk assessment.
4.Outline the recommendations regarding the first antenatal screening
This assessment is an academic essay and should:
analyse the topic closely
develop a point of view/response in relation to the above dot points through research and thought and
persuade your reader that the point of view you have developed is well supported by the ideas and information
you present
Essays have three main parts or stages:
Version 3 (06 January ) 11
1. Introduction “ introduces the discussion and identifies the point of view that you have developed in response to
the assessment task and what you will discuss.
2. Body – Discussion of the assessment criteria (dot points).
3. Conclusion – A summary of the discussion and restatement of the overall point of view that has been developed
in response to the assessment task. This part of the essay is the conclusion.
Referencing/ supporting documentation
The assignment is based on relevant and wide readings, text(s) and other relevant materials
The ideas and information from your readings, text(s) and other relevant materials are integrated into sentences
and paragraphs that support the main point being and the sources are acknowledged using in-text references
(Harvard style).
The original words of the readings, text(s) and other relevant materials are paraphrased so that they are very
different from the original wording. There is minimal use of direct quotes.
The readings, text(s) and other relevant materials that are used are credible and current (no older than 10 years).
The reference list is correctly presented on separate page(s) at the end of the assignment using the UniSA s
version of Harvard reference system.
The reference list comes before the appendices.
Use plain fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial
Use a font size of no less than 11
Use 1.5 line spacing
Set margins at 2.5cm
Number the pages
Word count- the assignment adheres to the set word count with a margin of plus or minus 10%.
The word count excludes the assignment cover sheet, cover page, table of contents, tables, figures, direct quotes,
reference list, appendices and feedback form.
The feedback forms for this assessment are located at:

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