Fire Resistant Design

Learning Outcome Assessed
· Undertake fire resistant design using both steel & concrete
· Design, the fire resistance of members of differing materials

Grading Criteria
In depth and thorough discussion well researched and presented
Demonstrating thorough knowledge and application of concepts

Traditionally designers have considered the structural aspects of design and the fire protection as separate items
Fire Resistant Design represents a major change of approach
You are required to discuss the modern approach giving cognisance to the various protection methods employed
Fire properties of concrete, steel, timber and masonry should be investigated
Inclusion of case studies and appropriate discussions and comparisons are required
There is no set word count but 2500 is deemed to be about right for this assignment

· Plagiarism and unfair practice
It is dishonest not to acknowledge the work of other people and you open yourself up to the accusation of plagiarism. The text of this assignment must be in your own words (not even a sentence or phrase should be taken from another source unless this source is referenced or the phrase placed in quotes).
For more information in respect of plagiarism please refer to the University Assessment Regulations

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