Final research proposal(toursim)

You are required to prepare a final research proposal that explains and justifies the
decisions you have made for your proposed research design, data collection methods,
sample selection, ethical considerations and data analysis techniques that are relevant
to the research proposal that you have selected.
Your final research proposal should address the following criteria:
1. Problem statement and research objectives “ state your problem statement and
research objectives at the start of your final research report so your lecturer can
refer to these when reviewing your proposal
2. Research design “ explain and justify the methodological approach you propose
to guide your research proposal
3. Data collection methods “ explain and justify the methods you propose to
address your problem statement
4. Sample selection “ explain and justify the sample selection process relevant to
your research proposal
5. Ethical considerations “ explain how you would consider the ethical issues
associated with the research proposal
6. Data analysis techniques “ explain and justify how you would propose to
analyse the data collected
18 MNG00415 “ Tourism and Hospitality Research and Analysis
7. Reference list “ provide a reference list (Harvard) for any reference sources you
use to justify your final research proposal.
8. TurnItIn “ attach a copy of your Turn-it-In Orginality Report for this assignment
and provide a 100-word explanation of how you have overcome any possible
plagarism issues.
Marking criteria
Criteria Marks
Research design 6
Data collection methods 14
Sample selection 8
Ethical considerations 6
Proposed data analysis techniques 14
Reference list 2
Total marks 50
Your assignment must be typed or word processed in 12 point type, double spaced,
and with a wide margin on the right side of the page for comment. Include a cover
sheet with:
your name and student number
unit name and number
due date
Marking criteria
Your assignments will be marked using the following criteria:
Answering the question “ your writing and arguments must be aimed towards
answering all components of the question(s) posed by the assignment
Clarity of expression “ this refers to your ability to write grammatically correct
sentences, develop logical paragraph structures and use the most appropriate
words. Be concise “ don t take 20 words to say what could be said just as well in
Accuracy “ this refers to accurate spelling and the absence of typographical
errors. Please proofread your work and use a dictionary or thesaurus where
Correct referencing “ all sources of information and ideas must be
acknowledged in full. There are numerous publications, which provide guidelines
for correct referencing using the Harvard style (refer to The Style Manual, AGPS,
Logical sequencing “ this refers to your ability to structure your assignment in
the way which best develops your argument or makes your point. Always plan
your assignment so that what you want to say is tied together in a logical manner
Independent expression of ideas “ the written assignments for this unit give
you plenty of scope for using your own background, education, research and
other sources and to use the material presented in this unit in a resourceful and
innovative way.
MNG00415 “ Unit Information 19
General notes
Include the correct cover sheet containing your name, lecturer s name, unit
assignment details and due date.
Use one side of the page only.
We expect all assignments to be word processed or typed using double spacing.
Use clear headings and sub-headings where appropriate.
Include a list of references cited.
Be sure to submit your assignment in the specified format (essay, report, etc.).

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