Field atudy,manager interview fidings

Your Field Study/Manager Interview findings are to be presented in formal report format, with section headings.
Only I need this section, no conclusion because it will part of a team report.
• An introduction that tells the reader who you interviewed, where they are a manager, why you chose them, and when the interview took place. You should also include a short description of the company; the industry it is in and where is located.
• A main body to your report. The main body of your report will be a logical explanation of your findings presented in clearly defined sections.
• A comparison between what you observed and relevant theory that will be set out with clearly defined sections.
• A discussion sections. You report will then discuss your findings and make comments about the manager you interview or the appropriateness of the theory you refer to. Be aware of the fact that every organisation is unique, and the way things are done in the organisation you visit may not be exactly “by the book” but it may clearly defined sections.
• Use Harvard Referencing

Wednesday 11/4/2012 3pm to 4pm at the Flemington Community Centre I Interviewed Nada Vindis the Manager of the centre, the reason that we chose her is because I work there and besides she is relatively new to the Centre she is a very interesting person with news and refreshing ideas of management. The Centre is in Flemington and it is part of Monee Valley Council. It is in an area with big socially disadvantaged people because there are the Housing Commission Flats and the centre work very hard to meet the need of the community. Our community centre has a variety of affordable programs and activities developed with the community, local groups and organisations. There are exercise programs, art, craft, dance, music and cooking options for people of all ages.
Flemington Community Centre
25 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington VIC 3031, Australia

Interview to Nada Vindis Flemington Manager of the Community Centre
During a work day, how do you plan your work?
I always plan my work, so I am 1 or 2 hours earlier at work. I check my emails, write a report and sort out the day’s tasks, since my office is always busy and I have to attend to the needs of the community.
How far into the future have you planned for your job role?
Age is a limiting factor, and for me to perform well I must be happy with my work. So I tend to seek job security and monetary values. For example, long services and superannuation of course including other benefits. Other factors are social security and flexibility but my happiness while doing the job is a key factor.
What are the challenges you face in your work, and what makes it easy?
My main goal is to achieve a long life where I’m satisfied since I love working with people and the community, and I also appreciate the fact that there must be a balance between work and personal life so as to attain happiness.
What keeps you motivated and which ways do you use to motivate your subordinates?
If my motivation starts to slip then I would change jobs, but working, bills, my family mortgage, food, the community, some staff and the challenge keeps me motivated.
What is your approach towards the task of leading others?
The community people who are socially disadvantaged enjoy the center. It is my responsibility to implement the council rule. I have to work with the other workers for the better of the community and not just for the money made by the council. We are here to help.
By working with subordinates and fellow managers how do you achieve the set goals?
The key secret is communication. I have implemented the open door policy where any staff with concerns or ideas can approach me, and I try my best to hear them out all the time. We are individuals of different personalities, and we work together as one unit aimed at achieving our set goal for the better of the community.
How do you work group conflicts?
I space myself out before approach and look at the problem. We are all adults, and if any problems arise a solution can be found and implemented in a civilized manner.
How do handle conflicts, which arise between you and other managers?
Problems will always arise in budgets and grants, and we must learn to have a laugh over that. I, and other managers of the council should find positive, long lasting solutions to conflicts that arise. Since, we work for the disadvantaged individuals of the community and not for corporate benefits.
How do you deal with ethical matters that you face in your management role?
I have not experienced such a case at the center, but I’m not saying Moonee Valley Council is better or worse than other councils. I always ask myself if I’m doing enough for the organization in order to help the society. If I have a problem with the organization, then it would be time to leave and move.
Is it crucial for you to know the diversity of the workplace?
I am aware of the diversity, and its growth is a crucial factor. The centre has enormous potential for improvement especially in the future when funding is likely to run low, while individuals of Flemington and surrounding suburbs are still suffering. Service provision still has room for improvement for these people. Empty promises to the staff and community is not good.
Does the diversity give the organization competitive advantage? Justify.
Our diversity is not advantageous. Moonee Valley Council is growing smaller although it is wealthy, and this is due to the Melbourne City Council changes in boundaries.

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