exploratory essay

Assessment Task 3: Essay 1500 word

Students will choose one of the following topics and submit an exploratory essay. The essay will be marked
according to the marking criteria under Assessment Item Three on blackboard. Your essay is to be submitted
electronically by safe assignment.

Topic One:
Rehabilitation is a continuous process that is underpinned by patient enablement, requires active patient
participation, and is enhanced by a self-management approach that fosters a ‘can do’ attitude and the
preservation of self-esteem (Chang and Johnson 2008: 127).

Essay Question:
As a registered nurse discuss how you would conceptualise rehabilitation as a personal journey undertaken
by persons experience disability, their family and friends and understand the importance of rehabilitation
interventions across the continuum of care.

Topic Two:
Chang and Johnson (2008: 7-12) in Australia 65% of people who experience a severe or profound core
activity limitation relied on informal carers for such activities as self-care, mobility and communication. The
difficulty arises due to the nature of the chronic illness and/or disability and the resources available to
manage the condition are highly variable, largely determined by each person’s individual situation.

Essay Question:
Choose a chronic illness and/or disability and discuss the quality, skills and knowledge that you anticipate a
nurse will need to possess in order to participate effectively in a model of chronic care. In your discussion
include the specific political implication related to a chronic illness/disability.

Topic Three:
Providing support for people with life-limiting illnesses requires an understanding of the meaning of the
illness and its effects on individuals. It’s vital to identify and acknowledge an individual concerns and
sources of distress, and respond to these effectively. Page 6
Course Outline (Undergraduate): Palliative, Rehabilitation and Continuing Care (NUR272)
Date of original approval: Date of most recent change: 10 July 2011
Date of discontinuation:
Current form version: 3 May 05

Essay Question:
Discuss the application of the palliative approach to care and how it is contextualised and individualised and
incorporates the patient’s social environment. Include in this the development of the nurse’s role in
palliative care.
Assessment Criteria U
• Demonstrate an understanding of the major theories and principles underpinning adaptation to
continuing health and functional change; rehabilitation and palliation related to nursing and the
specific health issue.
• Demonstrate use of evidence-based nursing knowledge of a related to the chosen essay topic
• Communicate health data and information in relation to the chosen essay topic incorporating
information literacy standards.

Chang, E. & Johnson, A. 2008 Chronic Illness & Disability: Principles for Nursing Practice Churchill
Livingstone, Sydney.
Rogers-Clark, C., Martin-McDonald, K. & McCarthy, A. 2004 Living with Illness.
Psychosocial Challenges. Churchill Livingstone, Melbourne Vic.

please note

Harvard reference style and in text referencing /paper format
no plagiarism please
20 sources /both text books & journal articles
it can be written as a case study or essay .
preferably Australian sources latest resources 2006-2012

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