This assignment is designed to:
(i) stimulate you to find out what is happening in the financial world today by reading current newspapers and magazines,
(ii) help you to learn the course material by seeing how it applies to real companies, events, and situations, and
(iii) challenge you to analyze and evaluate financial news so that you can form your own opinions.
Go to hct s library or any other source and review recent issues (published within the past two weeks) of the: (a) The Wall Street Journal or (b) Business Week magazine (c) National paper to find news articles that relate to topics covered by the course and raise interesting issues about a company s financial management. Write a summary report of max two pages on the topic selected and hand it over to your instructor. The inputs will be assessed on:
(a) Choice of news article (relevance, importance, interest)
(b) Clarity of explanation of the news item
(c) Explanation of the connection to the course material
(d) professional presentation

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