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This assignment is the starting point for your primary research. You can choose your topic, but in choosing that topic, you also need to consider its feasibility1. In deciding this factor, you may want to scale down your focus of research to something that can be conducted with limited resources. On the flip side of this idea, you may want to design a project that you would like to do ideally. In this assignment, you are asked to identify the topic, perhaps through secondary research, put forth a hypothesis, consider and outline your research methods, and bundle these aspects, in separate section, into an APA document. What this means in practice: * Formulate a hypothesis and consult library sources to see what has been done already. You may wish to build on existing research or to confirm the accuracy of existing research. (You may be able to work with a topic with which you have already worked for this course and with which you are therefore familiar.) * Think of the feasibility of performing primary research on the given topic. * You may choose to perform quantitative research (gathering a representative sample of data and interpreting that data in order to come to a conclusion regarding what said data might mean within the bounds of your hypothesis) or you may choose perform a qualitative study (gathering data that may be as wide in scope, but does not concentrate on the overall statistical components of the phenomenon you are examining; here you would be looking at the How and the Why of certain types of behavior). * Structurally, you will want your assignment to follow this pattern: Title page Abstract Backgrounds Hypothesis Methodologies / Tools Discussion (optional and to be used only if you know enough about your subject) References * If you plan on running a survey, you may want to include the preliminary form within the Methodologies / Tools section of your work. * The final assembled assignment should follow APA formatting. All sources need to be cited in accordance with APA guidelines. Keep in mind that this does not have to be all seriousness. You may be asked to treat the endeavor seriously on the page, but this should not preclude your having a good time with the actual process of the study. Dear writer, i know you may be confused now on what to do exactly. what i want you to do is to conduct a survey or an experiment about any topic you like. ( YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO THE EXPERIMENT) what i want is a written stepped experiment that has its controlled and uncontrolled objects and can be done in real life. lets say you’ll do an experiment about cheese molding. step 1: you have to do secondary research to find out facts about cheese. (how is cheese made, when does it expire, which brands are better than others, why does it mold……..) when you have done the research you’d have to do an abstract explaining what it is you want to do in this assignment (1/2 page). Then you start with the background, which is 2-3 pages of your writing explaining what you found out in your research about your topic. step 2: you should write a thesis statement (1/2 page) on what you would expect to happen in the experiment if it is actually done. step 3: you could search online to help you with the methods or tools of the experiment you are doing which others have done in the past. You have to write the step by step process of your experiment with the tools required in order to conduct the experiment. (1-2 pages) step 4: if something is not clear or you want to elaborate on your perspective of the experiment to make it more clear then you should do that in the discussion part. This is the assignment. If you have any questions do ask immediately. plagiarism is not acceptable what so ever. Thank you.

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