Experiment and FDS modelling of fire compartment effect of the size of fuel

Im Amr Bashawri ‘from Saudi Arabia’ Studying Bachelor of fire engineering in the uk in my final year.

At this stage I want you to write the Literature Review for my Dissertation that should include the Methodology.
the whole dissertation should be 10000 words so i think 4000 is okay for the Literature Review. next stage I will send you the results that I will have in the lap when I do the Experiment. after the conclusion and all the rest parts. About the FDS if you can do it that would be great that going to help me a lot if you cant I will do no problem.

I will attach the proposal that I did for the dissertation also you will find the Dr notes about the Literature Review and finally you will find two PDF documents for two experiments same as the experiment that I will do also I did table for this two experiment.

If you want me to send you the recommended references that the supervisor gave me please let me know

Please notes that I am International Student and studying in the UK so all the assignment should follow the UK standards of writing and Referencing and the references that you are going to use ”UK references”

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