Examining Whole Foods market

Purpose: To apply the ideas of Michael Pollan in Chapters 8 and 9 of The Omnivores Dilemma to your own experience of Whole Foods market, whether during our class visit or on your own time. Topic: In a journal , examine Whole Foods market through the lens of Pollans description and analysis of the market, which is quite critical of the markets use of the term organic¬Ě so freely. First, explain Pollans view of the market. Then, in your own argument, explain whether you found his opinions validated by your own experience and observation. Did you feel the market is honest in its self-portrayal? What are we paying extra for in shopping there? Are those prices worth the money? Explain. What Awaits you: On-time delivery guarantee Masters and PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% Privacy and Confidentiality High Quality custom-written papers

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