Examine amphetamines use in sex offenders

Assessment details

Research review.
Its 2000 words reference list are not include. 8 references

You are required to review four articles in a specific area related to violent or sex offending. The choice of topic is yours but it must not be too general (for example sex offences against children). Impulsivity in violent offenders or amphetamines use in sex offenders would be specific enough.

You need to synthesise the articles and show areas of commonality and distinction. This will include showing how the articles build on one another. You will also show how this topic fits into the broader area (for example, how impulsivity fits into the broader topic of violence). You will need to come to a conclusion or recommendation based on the articles (for example, that impulsivity is a treatment focus or that more research is required).
Marks for this assignment are allocated in the following way:
Articles are synthesised with commonalities and distinctions noted
10 marks
Integration of the articles “ showing how the articles build on one another
5 marks
Demonstration of how the articles fit into the broader context including at least an additional four references
5 marks
Conclusions/recommendations “ sound arguments based on the articles coming to clear conclusions or recommendations
5 marks
Presentation including correct referencing, good structure and correct grammar and spelling
5 marks

You are allowed to use headings and dot points to summarise (but keep these to a minimum and make sure that you are grammatically correct).

Maximum word length: 2,000 words not including reference list.

Referencing must be by APA method.

Due dates:

Topic approval 15th March

You must email me with your intended topic and get my approval. You must attach this approval to your assignment. You will get no marks without this.

Assignment due 10th May

In class test will be multiple choice.

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