evaluation of the potential benefits (in terms of braking efficiency) due to adoption of pressure limiting/reducing valves in the braking system

This is a vehicle dynamic course work. The advised car to be considered is BMW 118d. Some of the formula required,can be found in the lecture notes attached , i will provide some more notes.
I want the coursework to start with a short introduction, followed by calculation (which includes explanation),and a conclusion at the end.
It is asked to specifically work on the ratio between the deceleration of which wheel locks faster (the front or back) and also the friction co efficiency.
the American (FMVSS135) and European(EC13) regulation in the relevant field needs to be checked and included in the essay.
you can find more details about the project by looking at the last pages of the lecture notes attached (section 2 of the group project is the required one). figures included can be also helpful

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