Ethics paper

The paper must be 3-4 pages long. It should be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and use 12 point Arial or comparable font and references must be used appropriately.

This paper will be checked for plagiarism through the use of Safe Assign in Blackboard.

Research the pharmaceutical industry and see what controversial issues are connected with it. For instance, sales representatives regularly give gifts to physicians and medical students to entice them to endorse their products. Think of all the things that are good or right about the industry and all the things that are bad or wrong with the industry and then discuss what ethical theory might be used to justify or condemn the actions.

For example, in looking at the above issue you might say that the reps were following outcomes-based ethics. The consequences (more money made by company equals more profits for owners, more jobs, higher-paying jobs, good for the economy) more than make up for the questionable methods used.

Social responsibility on the part of the companies, industry, and the government should also be discussed. Again using the sales rep example, we could defend the actions by explaining that the company is utilizing the economic approach to social responsibility.

Remember to use spell check and grammar check and cite any references that you use.

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