Ethics encourages groupthink or a herd mentality

I would like a paper that covers this question:
Discuss: ethics encourages groupthink or a herd mentality that rewards mediocrity and weakness by demanding that everyone conform to the same codes, rules and principle.

I will be rewriting it I just want a clear starting paper (so format not an issue). This will mean I need clear links to all online sources, scanned and uploaded copies of all hard copies (when realistic) I can provide an email address if you need to email files across.
Please be careful to reference and paraphrase EVERYTHING my teacher is a real stickler.
I will upload the instructions (unit plan) which contains the marking details of the paper and some recommended sources.
Please be clear and concise using as many cross references as you can.

If you want to include any other notes you make while writing my paper that would also be a great help.

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