essay plan

Assessment #1 – Essay plan
The Essay plan is a necessary preparation task for assessment three (Essay). Therefore, the Essay plan should
not be seen as a separate exercise from the essay.
Consider the Essay plan as the initial arguments and research you have prepared by the Essay plan
submission date.
It is expected that you will continue to research and develop your arguments until the submission of the Essay.
However, the Essay plan must be comprehensive and well-researched. The marker will provide guidance and
feedback on your preliminary thinking and accessed resources in preparation for the Essay.
The Essay plan Feedback Form is available on the course learnonline site.
Note that the Essay plan is not eligible for re-submission.
The Essay plan is written in succinct, coherent grammatical sentences.
Dot points, numbered points, dashes, or any form of truncated listing is not permitted.
The Essay Plan must include:
* an interpretation and understanding of the chosen essay topic
* a comprehensive discussion of the key themes, issues, examples and arguments
* a list of resources cited within the body of the Essay plan using Harvard referencing (titled Reference List or
References); and, if applicable
* a list of resources that you have gathered to produce the Essay, but these resources were not cited within the
body of the Essay plan (titled Bibliography)
* the resources cited in the body of the Essay plan must not rely on the course textbook, or other political
textbooks – the plan must demonstrate your comprehensive, independent research from academic journal articles,
government and other scholarly publications
* no more than two (2) media articles may also be included
* it is expected that you will have 6-8 specific resources for the Essay plan
* the Essay plan is not structured as a list of definitions, explanations or direct quotes on content / focus words
* remember your readership – your marker is an expert in the discipline and does not need definitions or
explanations about the political concepts. The Essay plan must link concepts within your evidenced arguments
* the Essay plan is not structured as a book report, that is, only outlining what sources have been accessed,
and/or, critiquing the strengths and weaknesses of the sources e.g. the Smith journal provides discussion on ….
the Brown journal is the source of the argument that …
* the Essay plan is not structured as a general outline on how to write an essay e.g. the introduction will outline
… the concepts will be defined … the concepts will be discussed in more detail … then the final sentence of the
paragraph summarises the discussion

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