Environmental Issues; Insect Article

Purpose:The purpose of the article review paper is to allow the student to gain additional knowledge about, insects, weeds, diseases, or ways to combat the same. Topic Selection: The topic should be a selected topic that is related to landscape Problems that is specific to insect, weeds or disease problems. Suggested Topics: biological controls, disease transmission, control Programs, pre-emergents, contract control products, various disease problems, etc. Article Format and Length: The format of the article review is to include the following: Title Page: Title of Article, publication date of article, name of Publication, and author. Summary: Your summary should be a comprehensive summary, but not a word for word recompilation of the article. Your instructor should be able to read the summary and have a very good idea of what the article was about. Critique: Your critique should be your honest opinion of what the article was trying to convey and what you got out of the article. Your critique is only limited in length to what you got out of the article. However, “1 like it”, is not a critique, it is a statement. So make sure you do a good critique so it won’t affect your grade.

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