Enviromental Ethics; what are the most important ideas you learned in the lessons studied

For each journal entry, in your judgment what are the most important ideas you learned in the lessons studied?

Include two ideas per lesson studied.
Describe these ideas following the relevant principles of critical thinking (clarity, accuracy, precision, and depth). Write at least two paragraph descriptions for each of the ideas you have selected; explain the essential meaning of each idea, with examples or illustrations.
Next explain why you think that the ideas you selected are central and important to understanding the essentials of the lesson studied – in particular how each idea contributes toward a better understanding of ethics, the environment, human society, and/or the relationship of humanity and the environment, and how these ideas have relevance and application toward the improvement of human life and/or the improvement of the environment. Write at least two additional paragraphs per idea explaining your reasons for including that idea.
Finally, in one or two concluding paragraphs, describe how the learning and understanding of these new ideas enhanced or changed the way that you think or what you believe.

the journals require 2 ideas from each lesson. So that means you need a total of 4 ideas for both lessons, and thus, you’d need a total of 17 paragraphs to cover everything asked. 2 paragraph description per idea, then 2 paragraphs per idea for importance, and then at least 1 paragraph concerning self-importance.

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