Entrepreneurial and Leadership

Prepare a report on the success attributable to leadership in GE Financial and one other case (chosen from Module 2 Readings M2/1 – M2/5). Discuss the significance of the entrepreneurial ideas which resulted in a decision to set up the organizations chosen and explain the degree to which leadership, as a system of navigating the organization to its intended outcomes, was effective.
Your report requires a thorough investigation of the two cases. It will necessitate reviewing the Readings, the documented case studies and related works. Note that, as the assignment entails a comparativeperspective, then there must be evidence of comparative analysis. Consequently, dealing with each case study discretely without undertaking this will not meet the requirements of this assignment. Ensure also that appropriate scholarly tools are used in the report. This includes relating entrepreneurial leadership in each case study to relevant theories and research models, and drawing conclusions consistent with the evidence from the cases and related literature.
This task has been designed to allow students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to undertake a case study analysis on entrepreneurial leadership in order to determine the effectiveness of leadership in specific entrepreneurial ventures or firms.
Marking criteria
Your assignment will be assessed on the following:
Critique/analysis of success attributable to effective leadership in the two organizations
Discussion of the significance of the entrepreneurial ideas in the two organizations
Comparative analysis of the two cases focusing on the degree to which leadership was effective in the organizations
Breadth and care of reading and research
Quality/originality of analysis/arguments/discussions (i.e., goes beyond basic course material)
Clarity and coherence of writing
Grammar and syntax
In-text and end-text referencing (APA 6th edition)
This is a research assignment; DO NOT rely simply on your own beliefs/opinions to write this assignment. You must use relevant academic literature as a basis for your writing which needs to go beyond the basic material covered in this subject. The expected minimum number of references for a PASS grade would be in the range of 10-15 items.
Assessment two should be presented as a coherent whole that follows a logical process that introduces the issue and sets out the argument based on the material from the case study and your wider reading. The assessment should Identify, explain and discuss the arguments and issues, and draw conclusions.

You are expected to follow APA (6th edition) style for citations and references.
The following points are a general guide for presenting assessment items.
Assessment items should be typed
Use 1 1/2 spacing
Use a 5 cm left margin. Markers need space to be able to include their comments.
Use Times New Roman or Arial font 12pt
Left- justify body text
Include a separate title page with your name, student number, subject code, tutor s name, class time, assessment number and assessment question
Number your pages (except the cover page)
Use a header or footer with your name and student number on each page
Fasten pages securely in the top left-hand corner with a staple. Do not use plastic folders
Always keep a copy of your assessments. Both a hard copy and an electronic copy.
Most importantly, always use your spelling and grammar checker, but remember that this does not pick up all errors. You must still edit your work manually and carefully.

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