Embellished E-Mail; compose an e-mail that is business-like in tone and send it to me

Assignment 2 requires you to compose an e-mail that is business-like in tone and send it to me (Professor L). Make sure you follow the netiquette guidelines. Take special note of the To and Subject lines above the greeting. This subject line (inside the e-mail and above the greeting) must reflect the content of the e-mail message.

This assignment requires you to embellish an e-mail. You must include at least two noticeably different fonts (using italics does not create a different font), at least two noticeably different font sizes, and at least two noticeably different colors (do not count the standard black print as a color). Noticeable means to the naked eye. Give thought as to how to make a pleasant-looking “ as opposed to disjointed or haphazard “ final product.

Please include the following information (in paragraphs and complete sentences) in your e-mail to me:

*Tell me what company your proposal (Assignment 10) involves. It can be your current or former employer, a local company, a company that you would like to work for someday, a community organization, etc. This assignment will be more difficult if you choose a company with which you are not familiar or one that you make up.

*Tell me what your position/role with that company/organization is (whether real or invented).

*Tell me what issue/concern/problem you envision as the focus of your proposal.

*Tell me who will be the target audience of your questionnaireCo-workers? Customers? Investors?
Suppliers? Etc.?

Remember that your workplace and personal business writing should always be pleasant, clear, concise, formal and respectful. There is no excuse for a misspelled word when using a computer. Another hint is to avoid the use of contractions (can t, don t, wouldn t, etc.) since they tend to make a communication more casual and informal.

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