Education-What Does it mean to be an effective Teacher?

There is an essay as well as a lesson plan that has to use the uni template I will provide.

This essay will address the question:

What does it mean to be an effective teacher?

The essay also needs to include a planned learning experience which is to be set out using the lesson plan template provided and is to be placed in the appendix. This lesson plan needs to be referred to throughout the essay in order to exemplify and discuss points made about what it means to be an effective teacher.
In addition, students must select one of the following lessons to view and consider it in the light of what it means to be an effective teacher. In writing the essay, reference must also be made to the teacher in the video, again, to inform the discussion of what it means to be an effective teacher.,86,250 (Year 6: English – Writing)

As well as referring to the lesson plan and the video, reference must be made to theoretical ideas and key readings that have been covered in the unit.
The planned learning experience needs to follow on from the lesson that was selected to be viewed. Although the planned lesson must build on the content from the original lesson, it can springboard into a new discipline area.
Your essay should have four major sections:
Introduction, that establishes your interpretation of the statement and indicates which aspects of it are addressed in the paper;
Significant evidence, arranged in some appropriate way that indicates a clear process of thinking and analysis of main ideas related to the topic. The sources of this evidence should be acknowledged and should include reference to the video, the planned learning experience in the appendix and key readings from the unit;
Conclusion, that reiterates the main points of your argument and strengthens key points made in the paper.
References. You must refer to, and cite from, at least three different references from the unit reference list.
There is no predetermined correct answer to this question. Your answer will be correct to the extent that it demonstrates that you have thoughtfully examined the topic in terms of appropriate key ideas that you have encountered in the unit.
Your skill in explaining your ideas clearly and presenting a thoughtful argument, whilst also referring to the video and the planned learning experience, will have an important effect on the quality of your assignment.

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