Education- Analysis and essay on Western Australian Duty of Care Policy Document

Assessment 1:Document Analysis (40%)

Analyse the Department of Education of Western Australia s Duty of Care for Students policy document. Discuss the policy in the context of a local primary school and reflect on how the policy will impact on you as a teacher. The policy document can be downloaded from the Department of Education (of Western Australia) website or by following the link:

Part 1 “ Introduction to the document. 500 Words approx

This section needs to include background to the policy, significance of the policy document in the current teaching context and key points in the policy document.

Part 3 “ Reflection on how you, as a teacher, will consider the policy. 500 Words approx

This part is to be written in the first person and is a discussion of some of the issues that you will consider when you are a teacher to ensure you are fulfilling your duty of care.

Referencing style
Students should use the APA 6th edition referencing style when preparing assignments.

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