Edith Piaf and how she represents the french culture

My request is a presentation, that comments on one of my works and describe its importance and how does it reflect on the Cultural life in paris. It is short, but please make it as sophisticated as possible.

The attached file contains a piece about Edith Piaf
This piece is supposed to be a Feature Article for a magazine that represents the cultural life in Paris. The presentation is divided into 4 parts that discusses the following:

You are supposed to Describe why does this Article fit the magazine:

The importance of Edith Piaf. Why Would one write on her?

Explain how is the piece written, and why it was written as it is?

Analyze the relation it establishes with the reader?

Discuss the Article’s importance to the cultural life in Paris?

Please represent ideas clearly and sophisticatedly. I don’t want any references.

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