Economics case Study – Rock Lobster Import Ban

What is required?
Analyse the media reports provided and prepare a written report which addresses the following issues (and others you may think are appropriate):
Outline of the main issues of the case
Draw out any relevant economic theories in the case study
Discuss these economics theories as they apply to the case study
Use graphs, tables, charts to illustrate this theory
Discuss the effectiveness of any economic theories being put in place
Discuss potential solutions to any issues that may arise
Explore alternate actions (if appropriate) that could be taken to address any adverse outcomes of any economic theory applied

Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to explore how economic theory can be applied to the real world. You will be required to analyse a real life situation by looking at a number of news articles and reports that are tailored to the general public. These articles and reports are drawn from mainstream media sources and you are required to look at the economic theory as it applies to this issue.
This assignment requires students to integrate the theoretical knowledge they gain from lectures and tutorials with a practical business case study.
Students must critically analyse the case study with reference to relevant economic theory as well as the practical application of this theory in a business environment.
This assessment is to be presented as a written informal report.

What format should the written report be?
Your written report should take the format of a formal written report. This means that it must have a defined structure including a table of contents, executive summary, introduction, body and conclusion.
I have uploaded a sample report for you to look as a starting point for your own report.
If you are unsure about your report structure you should speak with your Business and Communications tutor as you will be working on this report in BABCO001.
The format should be similar to the format of your tutorial portfolio report. address the following questions in your written analysis of this media report.

What is the main issue presented in the media report?
Discuss what has actually happened
Highlight the reason for the issue being raised
Outline what possible impacts this change could have.

Who are the key stakeholders that are impacted by the issue outlined in the report?
Include a discussion of all groups that may be impacted by the issue raised in this report
Highlight what you believe the main impacts will be and outline who you believe will be impacted most.

What economic theories can be drawn from this media report?
List and discuss what economic theories you can find in this article.
Provide a brief outline of the theory you are highlighting
Provide evidence from the article to support these theories. Remember there may be more than one theory to discuss.
Are there any other issues in the article that you believe to be relevant?

Word Limit
Your written report should provide sufficient detail to address the main issues of your case study. I would expect that a word limit of 1500 words would be sufficient to adequately address the issues in your assigned case study.
The word limit does not include the table of contents, references or appendices.

I uploaded importent files. Please have a look at them and incloude them in the report.

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