Economic Policies and Practices

Must be 100% original and formatted in APA, Also both word and slide show must be APA referenced!Assignment 1: Economic Policies and PracticesThe policies of the federal government influence the outcomes of the various activities in that economy. When government policies change or unplanned events occur, the resulting economic events or activity will usually change. Listed below are several policies or events that affect the performance of the economy:The federal government employs a budget plan over several fiscal years that results in significant increases in the national debt, with no relief or plans to deal with the problem.The federal government enacts new tariffs and quotas on all imports.The general public loses confidence in their leadership, in terms of their ability to manage the economy, especially in the area of job creation.The federal government, in an effort to stimulate the economy, decreases taxes on all individuals except those earning over $250,000 per year.The level of investment decreases because of a lack of confidence in the economy.Interest rates are kept artificially low by the Federal Reserve for several years.Required:For each of the items above, describe what would be the likely outcomes in the economy. Use the appropriate tools of analysis, such as aggregate demand and aggregate supply where appropriate, to justify and explain your answer.Deliverables:Submit an 8-12 page paper in Microsoft Word formatCreate a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 5-10 slides that summarizes your findings in your report.

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