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Give detailed, descriptive, explanatory responses the questions below

a) Describe how a chain of islands caused by a hot spot may be distinguished from a chain of islands caused by a subduction zone.

b) Identify the major topographic features of the ocean floor, and state how these features are related to tectonic plates/plate tectonics.

c) i. Name, and give the formula for, five minerals common to the Perth region (western australia).

ii. Name, and give the formula for five minerals commonly mined in Western Australia. State the metal for which the minerals are mined.

iii. Draw a Ca-Mg-Fe pyroxene ternary diagram showing the formulae and names given to the main pyroxene species.

i) Discuss the process of partial rock melting in the context of magma formation, and he reverse process in the context of rock formation.
ii) Draw a plot that shows the effect of pressure (depth) on the melting point of a rock in both the presence and absence of water. Describe your plot, and give an explantion for the effect of water on the melting point of rocks.
iii) Describe briefly the key differences between intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks.

No referencing needed.

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