Hello. I need 12 pages research paper about the dogs, and 4 pages annotated bibliography. and one page outline. how does culture shape the way people treat dogs? it’s my research question. I am sending you my research proposal, you can base on my proposal to write the research paper. also, there are some requirements about the research paper, annotated bibliography, and outline. if you have any question, just contact me. thank you!!

Research Proposal

Understanding Culture and Treatment of Dogs
Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. Dogs play an important role in the social life with the human beings. Today, the world is aware of the efforts so that the human beings treat dogs properly, and yet there are always news about how dogs are maltreated and abused especially in other parts of the world thanks to cable television and the internet. People who loves dogs ask why is this happening to these poor creatures and what is the reason of the human being to do such a cruel act.
In the effort to investigate, it is important to look at the role of culture when it comes to treating dogs. More importantly, it is important to ask the question how does culture shape the way people treat dogs? It is important to investigate what factors shape the beliefs of these people about how they look at dogs, what their concept is morally right and wrong, and why they can or cannot be judged as either good or bad based on how they treat their dogs especially from the perspective of an outsider looking in. To be able to make a point, part of the research will focus on available literature like books, news articles, credible websites so that the paper can include what the professionals say about this issue.(animal protection). If dogs are indeed man’s best friend, it is important to see the characteristics of this friendship for the person to be able to correctly understand it.

Writing Assignment:
Annotated Bibliography

(Bring to conference) Length: 5-8 entries, 4-8 pages.
Since your position and recommendations in the final paper must be supported by the most valid, recent, and reliable sources in your subject area, you need to have a clear and thorough understanding of what these sources are, how they differ, why and how they might be useful and, naturally, where you can find them.
For this assignment you will compile an annotated list of different sources (from academic journals, professional journals and magazines, trade newsletters, organization literature, government reports, etc.). At least two must be from a “print” as opposed to online source.
As you consider the ideas presented in the sources you find, look for general patterns or controversies that might give your essay a thesis. Scour bibliographies for more sources, and note names which are referenced repeatedly–very often these researchers are the most expert in the field.
In this annotated bibliography, try to spend a page on each article, providing information in the following areas:
brief description and intended audience/reader
implications for your research
relation to ideas in other sources
reliability/validity of the article
article presentation, description and effect (language, tone, style, format, etc.)
Present your information as a document for a researcher following in your footsteps, with your name, the date, and the tentative research question or title written up at the top. Also use headings and subheadings, bullets or numbering as needed. List them in proper MLA bibliographic form. Alphabetize the bibliography as for “Works Cited.”
The whole annotated bibliography is double-spaced and alphabetized. Don’t add extra spaces between entries.
You should give your annotated bibliography a real title. Try something like this: Ma Rainey’s Blues and Feminism: An Annotated Bibliography.

IMPORTANT: This critique is an important step in the research process. You may add sources later or eventually reject sources you include in this assignment. As you begin to uncover information, annotate what you are reading by underlining relevant quotes and passages, responding in the margins to the writer, and noting questions. Take meticulous notes during this process. This critique of your sources is as important as the notes you will later take.


A short, concise, and meaningful title
1) The Issue:- State the subject (topic) of the paper in statements, not questions.

2) The Claim (Thesis):- I argue that …(this may change as you write)

3) The Evidence:-
Point I (Each point may require many paragraphs.)
Include a cue or label, some reference system, to link to your original notes associated with this point.
Source #1– state in key words the information you intend to use from this source to support this point. Include the complete MLA citation.
Include a cue or label to link to your notes associated with this source.
Source #2– state in key words the information you intend to use from this source to support this point. Include the complete MLA citation.
Include a cue or label to link to your notes associated with this source.
(Sub-points—repeat this format for each sub-point. If there is no source material, make sure to reference your notes.)
(Repeat this process for each point.)
Point II
Point III…

4) The Conclusion:- State the elements of the conclusion in key words.

Research Paper Requirement?

English 102
Research Project
(12-15 pages)

For the purpose of this class, Composition II, your final paper will ultimately be in the form of an essay. There is research involved, but this paper will still be written the same way any other essay or article is written: you will go through the phases of prewriting, drafting, rewriting, and editing, as always. You will be concerned with issues of purpose, audience and rhetorical strategy. However, research adds another dimension to the discovery process.

I want your research to be the method you use throughout your discovery/writing process; as a way to see what’s out there in the universe, as a way to figure out what fascinates you, as a way to discover what you want to say, and most importantly, as a way to dialogue with scholars across time and geography.

Choose a topic that you are passionate about, something that delights or infuriates you, or perhaps explore a question that has been gnawing at you for some time. I’m also urging you to choose a topic you do not already know much about.

Local topics can be the most rewarding; please take advantage of the unique access we have to local archives and libraries and explore your topic from a local perspective if you can.
Make this project a genuine quest.

This kind of research has been known to lead students in academic or personal directions they never thought possible—all because they were able to discover something new through their own, or their classmate’s, research.

Thesis: A strong thesis is one that takes a risk, one that articulates an opinion, takes a stand, ventures a hypothesis, exposes something hidden that folks really ought to see–an idea worth struggling at for hours to express well and develop thoroughly. A good thesis holds significance for both the writer and the potential readers.


Your topic will be appropriate, meaning manageable under the constraints of time (six weeks) and form (a 12-15 page paper).

Your paper may take the overall form of an argument; if so, you will need to select a topic that lends itself to this strategy. Your clearly stated assertions and arguments will be supported by relevant points from your research.

You will use a minimum of five (5) outside sources. Include at least three (3) print sources and a mix of primary and secondary sources.

All source material (including paraphrase and summary and visual elements) will be properly documented, according to the style required by your chosen discipline.

Your own writing voice will be apparent throughout.
Here is how a top-level English 102 research paper could be described in terms of development, organization, style/voice, and mechanics:

Development: This paper has a clear thesis and keeps its focus throughout. Its points and observations are developed with a variety of concrete details, including specific facts, observations, quotes, incidents, statistics, stories, and so on. The development is appropriate to the paper’s audience and purpose. It shows excellent synthesis and coordination of a variety of information sources, including, if possible or applicable, material from books, professional journals, the Internet, databases, personal experience, and field research. The information presented is credible, current, accurate, comprehensive, and clearly relevant to the thesis. The paper’s title is interesting and appropriate to the topic.

Organization: The paper is well-organized in a way that makes sense for its audience and purpose. The reader is guided logically through significant points and able to understand how any passage relates to the whole. The arrangement of sub-topics clearly supports and enhances the paper’s thesis. Transitions are smooth; the paper’s movement between topics is never confusing, abrupt, repetitive, or forced. It has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Style/Voice: The paper is presented in the student’s own academic style appropriate to the audience and purpose. The paper’s sentences, phrases, and word choices are clear and engaging. Quotation and paraphrase from sources blend together well. The paper’s style and voice remain consistent throughout, and never get “taken over” by the style of source material.

Mechanics: Paper should exhibit complete control of basic conventions such as sentence structure, phrasing, punctuation, and spelling. All material used from sources is cited appropriately with in-text parenthetical citations in current Modern Language Association (MLA) style, or the appropriate style for the academic field of the subject matter, and the Works Cited is formatted according to MLA style. The paper is double spaced, has a title, and has your name on it somewhere at the top.

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