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It’s like an essay in some respects – it has to have a thesis around which you organise your whole presentation, introduction (thesis, background information, what you are going to talk about), body (points, sometimes support from secondary sources but not too often and that is the difference from the essay), examples – clip or snapshot if you talk about aesthetics or mise-en-scene or camera angle, etc., conclusion – reinforce the main points), you have to do research

But it is not like an essay because you communicate orally – make it simple, the audience cannot come back and re-read your long and complex sentences so they should not be too long or with complicated syntax.

Think about your audience – your colleagues so probably they have a similar background knowledge, this will give you an idea of what to include and how much to explain.

Visual aids

Clips – not to short, not to long (perhaps 2 – 3 minutes), not too many (2 or 3), to illustrate the point. Prepare one more and place it so that it can be dropped if you run out of time.

You need to introduce clips – make sure you say what it exemplifies, but also give all the background information for the viewers to be able to understand. For example say when in the film scene comes from and who the characters are.

When you introduce a film, use a separate slide and show the film’s poster or DVD, it helps to visualise it for the audience, give director and year.

Do use Powerpoint Slides – avoid flashy slides, on the whole academic style is about informative restraint, not too much text on the slide (25 – 35 words unless it is a quotation), big enough for everyone to see, use readable colours, use consistent style, first slide is the title and your names, second slide grabs attention with … well, it depends (good quotation), interesting statement, identification of a problem.

Slides can have headings (a question)

You should use intelligible phrases rather than a single word or whole sentence.

Quotations need references (Name, title of the book, page)

Think about what you will wear for the presentation – you need to be comfortable and feel confident (business style, professional-casual, casual). Think in terms of what can undercut your professionalism.

It is a group presentation.

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