Discussion questions

Word Strength : not more than 500 words.
Please, answer the Discussion questions through the reading of the references.

Forum Discussion
1. Discuss Prolonged highly political decision process is likely when decisions involve important and complex problems for which no ready-made good solutions are available, when many affected parties have conflicting interest and when a diffusion of power exists among the parties. In this context provide three words which could help identify effective leadership?
2. Discuss If organisations do move along a life-cycle similar to biological organisms, is it possible to identify changing leadership demands, constraints and choices for top management?

# My References ( I do not accept other references ):
Only chapter 2 & page 509 (case study) from:
Yukl, G. (2010), Leadership in Organizations, Global Edition (7th Edition), Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Pearson Prentice-Hall Inc

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