Discuss the functionalist school of criminology

My essay title is Discuss the functionalist school of criminology. I would firstly like a structure to see that we are on the same track and for you to send me every paragraph so i can see that we are on the same track, and would also like for you to include other theory of functionalist school of criminology and theories that have come from functionalist school of criminology as well as you Discussing the functionalist school of criminology. I would also like you to relate to all the sources i have included and include some opinions so the essay docent look like it is just copied from the sources/ references. My lecture said Please choose the following topics and write an essay of 2000 words following the rules of referencing. which i have included and the essay should be APA style referencing. The first three are what the lecture provided and the others are of what i have found hoping they will be useful.Referencing Requirements:1. Durkheim, E. 1951 Suicide: A Study in Sociology. New York: Free Press.2. Marshall, C. 1964 Anomie and Deviant Behavior. New York: The Free Press.3. Vold, G. 1998 Theoretical Criminology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.http://criminology.fsu.edu/crimtheory/week7.htm4. http://criminology.fsu.edu/crimtheory/week7.htm5. http://sociology.about.com/od/Works/a/Suicide.htm6. http://www.sociology.org.uk/pcfcri95.pdf7. http://www.cliffsnotes.com/cliffsnotes/sciences/how-does-anomie-theory-explain-deviant-behavior

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