Discuss how Irish Courts distinguish those bodies which are susceptible to judicial review from those which are not.

Define judicial review. Identify the types of body against which a judicial review action may be brought by an individual to challenge an administrative decision. Discuss the traditional judicial review issues. What factors do the court consider in deciding whether a body can be juducially reviewed. Discuss the public/private law boundaries.Discuss some of the difficulties with the public/private demarcation. Describe and explain the Geogheran principles and their relevance to judicial review.Describe the way judiciary review has developed with discussion of the reasons for its erratic progress. illustrate the scope of judicial review. Explain the institutional & the functional approaches to judicial review. Discuss whether the juducial review procedure should be open to an applicant regardless of the nature and source of the power of the body whose decision is challenged. Illustrate and argue with cases, making detailed references.set out the format of the essay in a coherent fashion.

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