First there are few things please pay attention to them:
1- I need it simple and easy language because my english is not perfect.
2- DO NOT USE any other source different than the two files that I uploaded(Gladwell and Payne articles), because I am not allowed.
3- be clear and use specific examples, explain the problem and the rules clearly because he is tough professor.
The assignment is:
How would you write the rules for society so as to deal with the ethical problem of unconscious discrimination? Why? [Reminder: before you can start writing the rules, you’ll need to explain exactly what the ethical problem is, as you understand it. In your explanation be sure to bring in relevant ideas and information from the Gladwell and Payne articles that were uploaded [Hint: since the question is about rules, the ethical problem has to be a problem of justice, right?] In your answer, focus on unconscious discrimination only as it operates in one particular area (e.g. pre-K education; job hiring & promotion; police work, etc.)

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