Diplomatic Philosopher and Masterless Samurai Philospher

n a well-organized essay of 4-6 pages, respond to the statements and questions listed below. Be sure to provide references and examples from the assigned readings (see below). You are responsible for the entirety of The Prince and The Book of Five Rings. Since this is a take-home assignment, grammar, spelling, and the like will carry more weight in the computation of the final grade than is the case for an exam..Machiavelli clearly addresses what a prince should do (or not do) in order to succeed, while Musashi speaks more specifically to the proper practice of sword fighting. Make an argument as to the similarities and/or differences between winning a principality (Machiavelli) and winning a fight (Musashi). You should seek to make conclusions about both texts beyond what each simply says; in other words, think about the respective subject matter in more metaphorical terms.In making your arguments, you must provide examples from the texts for support. Rather than using formal footnotes/endnotes, follow these instructions. At the end of a citationeither a complete quotation or a paraphrase (putting the authors ideas into your own words)place the authors name and the page numbers in parentheses..

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