difference between Originality and Plagiarism

1. The difference between Originality and Plagiarism*.( 200 words )
2. Developing the research question*.(150 words) :- In this section needed to say how a student choose his/her question and what should be in mind before deciding in a certin qustion. and why the writer chose his/her qustion (my question will be what is the benefits of battrey in our daily life?)
3.Description and Analysis*.(150 words) :- This part the same as first part. the difference and deffinitions of both words is required.
4. Data selection and materials*.(200 words).
6.The Reflective Document.(300 words)
*Please include 2 ref. at least in each part EXCEPET number 6 leave it without .
please see attachment for more dtails ( please make sure that you leave part 5 {Answering your question} I’ll do it)

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