Difference between individual and institutional discrimination

Question 1 As discussed earlier, it is common for businesses to change their structure or decide to start a new business. As you begin to research different business formations for this weeks written assignment, where are you going to go for assistance? What are some good resources? Once you decide on the business form, how do you go about making the change? What is the process? Question 2 The United States is a nation of many races, ethnicities, and nationalities. Many groups in this country have experienced discrimination. Think about discrimination you have experienced or witnessed and answer the following questions: Whats the difference between individual and institutional discrimination? Be sure to give a specific example of each type of discrimination in your response. You are asked to come up with a plan to improve racial and ethnic relations in your community. What would your plan include? How would you address both individual and institutional discrimination in your plan? Explain. Question 3 Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock is an expansion of the classic game rock-paper-scissors. It operates on the same basic principle, but includes two additional weapons: the lizard and Spock. See the graph below. Find a partner and play the game a few times. Please answer all of the questions below: Is it difficult to keep track of all the rules? Does the graph below do a good job of summarizing all the different relationships? Is there a better way of explaining all the different relationships? How does this game compare to the usual rock-paper-scissors? In what ways are the dynamics of the games similar? In what ways are they different?

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