Developmental Psychology Choose two different theories

Assignment Type Weighting Word Count Week Due
Case Study 50 2000 11
Choose two different theories to those you discussed in Assignment 1. Develop an interview questionnaire comprising of 20 questions based on these two theories, relating to a developmental event in your interviewee’s adult life.
Interview one adult using your questionnaire. Examples of a developmental event might include (but are not limited to) your interviewee learning a new skill, entering university, beginning or ending a serious intimate relationship, moving out of home, starting their
first job, emigrating, having their first child, or losing a loved one.
Please ensure that you seek informed consent from your interviewee by using a Client/Interviewee Consent Form, which can be found in A-Z forms at the ‘Current Students’ part of the ACAP website. This form must be handed in to your educator
along with your assignment.
Attach the questionnaire to your assignment, but not the answers.
Analyse the answers, explaining how they directly relate to two theories in this unit.
Your case study should include:
• clear identification of the issue that you are asking your interviewee about
• a brief outline of how you developed and administered the questionnaire
• A brief overview of the aspects of the two developmental theories which are directly relevant to your interviewee’s developmental event
• a detailed analysis of your interviewee’s responses, explaining how they relate to the two theories you chose
• reference to relevant literature, with a minimum of eight references drawn especially from your textbook and readings, as well as from other appropriate
academic sources
Important note:
1. Pick the theorists you will write about first and then provide a brief overview (one to two paragraphs) of their theories. Understanding the main aspects of each theory will make it clear which developmental event in your interviewee’s life it relates to.
2. Be very clear not pick stressful events that may not be sufficiently resolved for your interviewee. The aim of this assignment is to utilise your capacity in applying developmental theory to an interviewee’s event in an academic way. Focusing on unresolved events may create stress in your interviewee and is an unethical use of research questions.
Developmental Psychology
Unit Overview xi
Some developmental theorists recommended for use in this assignment are:
• Erik Erikson
• Jean Piaget
• Ivan Pavlov
• John B. Watson
• Burrhus Frederic Skinner
• Albert Bandura
• Lev Vygotsky
• Urie Bronfenbrenner
• Gilbert Gottlieb
• John Bowlby
• Mary D. Salter Ainsworth
• Lawrence Kohlberg
• James Marcia
• Dexter Dunphy
• Kim Bartholomew
• Antonia Henderson
• Donald Dutton
• Robert Sternberg
• Howard Gardner
• Betty Carter
• Monica McGoldrick
• Sandra Bem
• Leslie Gutman
• Colin Murray Parkes

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