Development of Generic and specific technological knowledge

The focus of this next part of the paper is to move from a philosophical appreciation of the nature of technological knowledge, to a practical appreciation of the knowledges that empower technological practice. These knowledges are important to professional technologists and our students.agree on an epistemological framework for knowledge in technology suitable for the secondary school level.document an example of a technological development and then using the agreed epistemology clearly identify and explain the different types of knowledge involved in the technological practice. give a clear description and definition of the four knowledge types we have decided to work on, Declarative, Conceptual, Procedural and Technical. Feel free to acknowledge that there are alternative frameworks and talk about them but concentrate on giving the reader a good understanding of the four we have chosen and how they operate in relation to technological practice.write a case study of a technological development. An important part of the task is the accurate referencing of material that you draw from to develop your case study. Remember this is a third year paper and the expectation is that you are accurate and complete with referencing material you bring from other sources. The final task is to analyse the case study that you have written drawing out the different technological knowledges that empower technological practice and showing how they interrelate. In this part you need to be very specific.
I am interested in communicating with the writer about how to address this paper as it is a specialised area in the NZ secondary cirriculum. I have not yet had time to choose a technological development and am open to ideas so we can get started if the writer has knowledge in this area otherwise I will confirm my case study soon. The suggested readings are DeVries,M (2005) The nature of technological knowledge, Ihde, D (1997) The structure of technology knowledge
Ropohl, G (1997) Knowledge types in technology
Skolimowski, H (1996) The structure of thinking in technology
The subject of technology in NZ is focussed on design and covers the areas of food technology which is my cirriculum area, hard materials, soft materials, and graphics. To successfully write this paper I will need someone who has some knowledge of this. Thanks

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