Developing Marketing Strategy

Select an internationally wel known consumer product OR business to business OR service

– Use the following questions to prepare a powerpoint presentation of maximam of 20 slides ( I DONT KNOW IF YOU CAN DO PRESENTATION SLIDES INSTEAD OF WRITINGS, IF YOU CAN NOT THEN ITS OK , I WILL DO THE ppt SLIDES)
1. What are the characteriestics of current and potential customers? ( underlying benefits sought and the decision making unit, factors influencing choice.)
2. What are the segmentation options open to the supplier? Which segmentation method is used most meaningful and why?What factors can be used to evaluate the segments and based on these factors what is the profile of the segment you are targeting?
3. Describe the compelling value proposition you would select for the recommended target segment? Why are you selecting of this value proposition in particular?
4. How does your proposed value proposition relate to other copititors in your market place? Use the value disciplines(operational Excellence, Customer intimacy and product leadership) to compare your approach to that of other competitors.
5. Prepare a key success factors analysis to show where managment effort and financial investment is required in order for your marketing strategy to be successful.
6. Finally summarise your marketing strategy in the form of the marketing mix ( 4P’s or 6P’s for services).

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