Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking in Ghana

Research Background
Usually provides an introduction to the research issue. It may examine current discourse, trends or views
concerning social phenomena in order to pose a research question. The research question will not be explicitly
stated but implied in an argument.
Provide a minimum of 5 references
Include some background statistics or an industry report or media report concerning the issue
b. Research Problem [400 words]
A situation in need of a solution, improvement, or alteration; or a discrepancy between the way things are and the way they ought to be.
Provide a minimum of 8 references. At least 3 references should be on authors who support the need for your
research or who have gaps in their research which you want to fill.
c. Research Purpose [less than 100 words]
A purpose is a concise, clear statement of the specific goal or aim of the study.
2.Research Objectives
Provide a maximum of 3 objectives
3.Research Questions
Provide a maximum of 3 questions
4. Literature Review [300 words]
Use this section to introduce the relevant literature you need to read or review for your research. Also explain the key concepts in the research and possible factors or issues to be explored. If a research framework has been identified you can mention it.
5 Proposed Research Methodology [400 words]
Identify the type of study to be carried out. What research strategy will be used to conduct the study and why
were those strategies were selected? Where data will be collected and what methods will be used?
6. Significance of the Research [250 words]
Discuss the potential benefits or potential implications of this research study on Future Research, Practice and
7. Research Limitations [200 words]
Points out the limitations in the research issues which may influence the research. Definitional concepts – what is included and what is not. Scope and Constraints – which respondents will not be involved and, perhaps. Variables –
Which data will not be collected/studied?
80. Project Schedule [200 words]
Outline the schedule for your long essay or research activities. Be realistic and also add a timetable. You can use your chapter outline as a guide for the activities.
9. Chapter Outline [300 words]
Present an outline for the long essay detailing the objective of each chapter. Gives an indication on the number of chapters in the dissertation
10. References
Provide the references for all the journal articles and readings you referred to in the work

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