Designing Human-Computer Interaction

My topic is Home Appliances (microwave)Design Review Report

1) Worth: 10% ” Analyse the interactions from your chosen example using whichever reference material you deem useful. Where this analysis method is not in the prescribed text you will need to contrast your choice with the text methods highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each method. For example (Heuristic analysis methodology)

2) Worth: 2% ” Write a report describing the quality and extent of the interactions. Use whichever analysis methodology you chose in the previous section, explaining, in detail, the strong and weak points of each interaction from the point of view of each of those involved in the interaction. Ie. How
3) is the interaction good for the computer, how is the interaction good for the human?

4) Worth: 2% ” Write a bibliography. You must state the citation method you chose (Harvard) and give an indicative example. The university standard is acceptable.

5) Marking Criteria Questions

I. Choice “ Is the chosen example and interaction suitable? Is it complex? Does it contain enough interplay between humans and computers to warrant examination? Is the chosen analysis methodology suitable for this example?

II. Description “ Is the example adequately described?

III. Analysis “ Does the analysis follow the chosen methodology? Does the analysis reveal the strengths and weakness of the chosen interaction example?

IV. Scholarship “ Are citations appropriate and sufficient? Is the bibliography style appropriate and adequate? Are the references in the bibliography correctly represented?

V. Please note that this is an initial analysis. Work on the high level details first. If you have room, than start on the lower level issues.

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