Democracy and Dictatorship in Asia-Reflective learning journal

Assignment:Democracy and Dictatorship in Asia-Reflective learning journal

You will write a 300-word max summary of each topic s work, keeping a record of what you have learnt from the readings and also answering each topic questions.

You should make a one-page summary (max 300 words) of what I have learnt this week . A good dot-point summary will consist of:
1) three things I have learnt;
2) why each of these is significant?;
3) issues/events that are unclear and need to be explored.

When building up your journal remember the following points:
Make sure you note the author, title, publication or recoding details correctly.
Summarise what you consider to be the overall theme and argument of the work. In addition, draw attention to details of special interest and importance.
Your journal is also a good place to record concepts that you do not yet fully understand, or names with which you are unfamiliar.

For your journal, as in reading generally, we do not want you simply to treat authors as infallible authorities . We want you always to read critically: understanding how the argument of a piece is put together, and evaluating its strength and weaknesses:
Be clear about how the author’s discussion and argument are put together. What (and whose) competing views, if any, are presented? How is the evidence used?
Make a note of the main ideas covered, and (especially) of your own ideas arising from that discussion. In other words, use it to reflect!
You must not go over the 300 word limit for each topic as penalties will apply.

I will upload a word document with the assignment criteria and with a list of the references to be used.

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