Debates In Australian HIstory

How is the nation constructed through historical representation?

-If you take nation at its broadest sense, it might include the separate colonies before Federation, since that is how they often referred to themselves. On the other hand, some historians like to portray the ‘nationhood’ of Australia as a seamless narrative from convict period to contemporary times, which of course can be argued against. I suspect part of the opposition to any alteration of the constitution to recognise Indigenous prior ‘ownership’ or ‘occupation’ will be from people who argue that there was no such thing as the Australian ‘nation’ before Europeans arrived (but others may say there were many nations).
So you need to remember that ‘nation’ is a political construct itself, with a complex variety of meanings
There are a number of ways to answer this. You could use a straight historical answer, looking at “written history’, etc. But you also can write about monuments or institutions.

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