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My research paper is on the poet Langston Hughes, his poems that needs to be written about are: ” The negro that speaks of Rivers, ” Dreams”, and finally ” April rain Song”.

You must use outside sources and in text citations. A paper without in text citations and a correctly formatted Works Cited page will not be accepted for a grade, this is very important!!!!

Write an analysis of an author s works, first discussing the author s life to put the author in an accurate time and place relevant to your analysis of his or her work. Then examine some of the author s works we ve read in class, along with other selected works by that author. Do not simply present a history of a writer s life or summarize the literature. Your thesis should indicate how either the life or historical context of the author influenced the writer’s chosen style and subject matter as exemplified in his or her works.

Use research and our course resources to extend, develop, and illustrate your position about the works you examine. There are a variety of places in the Post Virtual Library, your local library and within our course resources where you can find supporting information. You ll find great sources if you look through the library s electronic databases. For literature, I would suggest Expanded Academic ASAP, Magill on Literature, and EbscoHost as good starting places. Do use the reference librarians at to direct you through the library s literature resources “ especially books “ in general. DO NOT simply search the internet; these research materials are often neither adequate nor credible.

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