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We would like you to consider where you might encounter images.

We would also like you to consider why you might be asked to create illustrated images during your graphic design or illustration career.

You might have considered illustrated images that help to:

Outline a narrative; for example, in adult or children’s fiction or in history booksProvide information to help outline instructions; for example in textbooks, information graphics, advertising and diagramsProvide editorial imagery used to sum up or embellish an article or feature in the pressProvide cartoon or comment, often political or satirical

We would like you to find examples that illustrate each of the categories above and annotate the examples in your sketchbook. In particular, we would like you to carry out a ‘compare and contrast’ exercise, paying attention to the differences and the similarities within your examples.

To do this, we would like you to prepare two columns, headed; “similarities” and “differences”. When you have done this, write some notes which record your observations as you consider your examples.

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