crtitical book analysis; book “Dont Don�t Call Us Out of Name: The Untold Stories of Women and Girls in Poor America custom essay

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Please answer the following 2 questions.
1. Thinking about today’s economic downturn, reflect and discuss the following quote from Edin on page 182 that, “welfare is inextricably bound to opportunities in the labor market… If political will determines that poor, single-parent families should be lifted out of so-called dependency through work, policymakers must determine which jobs at what wages are needed… to bring these welfare mothers and their families into the economic mainstream.”
2. Thinking about the structure of this book, and the stigma associated with being on welfare, reflect and discuss the following quote from Dodson on page 218 that, “some women demanded their history back… As both girls and grown women pointed out, women from low-income families often need ‘hearts of iron’ to make it, to move on from the welfare years. But they saw no public archive of this truth, no truth-telling commission about the history of their own lives.”

Use the sociological imagination

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