Crossovers: Commercial and Cultural

The dissertation should include an Abstract approximately 300 words a very brief introduction of what you have got. What your argument is. Summarizing what you are doing. Followed by Introduction, the Chapters (3-4 maximum) and Conclusion with Illustrations. Illustrations should be in appendix, in text Figure 1, Figure 2.
I would like to Compare the visual merchandiser and curator. Crossovers between commercial and cultural. Support Commercial being Art with examples of window displays. Define all terms used such as brand positioning. Look at critical arguments. Include Examples of Thomas Heatherwick (Harvey Nickols window display merchandiser), Luxury Store Michael Landy Installations (Louis Vuitton, Bond Street). Some Pictures can be provided such as recent window displays from Harvey Nickols Christmas 2011, Louis Vuitton Circus, Selfriges etc. Arguments about high and low art.The preferable books would be critical arguments Grunenberg “A Century of Art and Consumer Culture”, and related literature by Grunenberg, “Advertising Cultures” Nixon, “Kitsch and Art” Kulka, Geenberg “Art and Kitsch”, “The Culture Industry” Adorno and Horkheimer. Support all claims you make with evidence reading. Compare visual merchandising and curator.

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