Cross Cultural Management custom essay

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The Assignment Brief

There are two elements to the assignment.

Part One – An Artefact Depicting Your Learning Journey 30 Marks

You will provide an artefact which visually demonstrates the learning journey you have embarked on during the first term. You may select any medium you feel inspired to use which tells the story of your cross-cultural journey and what it has meant to you and your development. Examples include a storyboard, blog, poster, video, presentation, collage or any other creative media you choose to select. The artefact will be presented during the final session of the module.

Part Two – Written Report

You are to produce a report of approximately 3,000 words using your artefact to reflect on your personal experience during the module. The report will analyse your experiences by applying the relevant academic theories and concepts covered during the module. Although you will draw on your reflections and experiences of cross cultural differences, you must relate your experiences to that of the theories covered during the module. Your analysis will include the discussion of the following questions:

Question One 50 Marks

This question needs to address the following areas of the subject. You do not have to structure it in this way, provided the following headings are addressed in your discussions and reflections.

1. The Application of Cross-Cultural Theory and Concepts to the PALS groups. Your group has provided you with the opportunity to reflect on the practical application of the cross cultural theories and the opportunity of experiencing cultural differences. Analyse your experiences of cultural similarities and differences, based on your PLSG, by drawing on the relevant theory.

2. Focus on Self. How I felt about what was happening to me during the course and in the group. What effect the group had on me. What I learned about my own behaviour. What influence I had on the group.

3. Focus on Other Individuals. The effect each individual had on the group and the group on him or her, and how I felt about it.

4. Focus on Interactions. The interactions and relationships between members of the group, what effect these had on the group, and how I felt about it.

5. Focus on Cultural Diversity. The impact of an experience. Choose an experience (or experiences) that was (were) significant to you. Describe it (“who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “how” type information). Perform Reflective Observation (describe your feelings, perceptions and thoughts). Look at the experience from different points of view.

Question Two 20 Marks

Imagine the cross-cultural group you participated in during the semester was a cross cultural team within an organisation. Reflecting on your experiences over the semester, what would you do to improve your own effectiveness? What would your recommendations be in terms of developing and improving the effectiveness of the group? (Be specific).

What we look for is quality such as the following:

1. Intensive Application of Course Concepts and theories. For instance, in writing on cross-cultural relations and its possible effect on subgroups within your group, diagrams can be drawn to show the relationships that occurred. The diagrams may show how subgroups changed over time. What caused the subgroups to occur, in your estimation? What was the effect on the group action? If negative, was any effort made to change it?

2. Illustrations from Exercises to Support Your Conclusions. For instance, “During the cross-cultural exercise, Mary and John (from similar cultural backgrounds) was so strong in insisting on their answers that their views prevailed. Unfortunately, their suggestions proved to be wrong. Two other members of our group, from a different cultural background, had better answers, but their input was never solicited. During the next exercise we made sure we got an input from everyone before reaching a decision.”

3. Extensive Application. To what degree did the report cover a wide range of course concepts? How thoroughly did it do so?

In addition, we do get an impression as to whether or not real learning seems to have taken place as we read through the paper. We expect that everyone will be thinking of her or his own growth in cross-cultural skills and understanding, and that this will be reflected in the discussion within each report.

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