cross cultrual management

Assignment Details
Students should present an individually written report of 3000 words (plus or minus 10% only). The assignment should follow a recognisable report structure. It should be typed using double spacing and must be referenced following the Harvard system of referencing “ guidance for writing reports and referencing is provided in the unit handbook.
Assignments should be submitted electronically through the unit s Moodle site.

La Napoli Case Study
You should take the role of a management consultant who has been hired by John Clarke to advise him regarding the current situation at La Napoli. You are required to prepare a report for him addressing the issues being faced by management. In your report you must:
Critically analyse the cultural issues facing the La Napoli restaurant. You should identify the problematic symptoms that you can observe in the case study material. These are indicators of underlying issues and challenges facing management. It is important to bear in mind that a symptom is not normally the problem itself. For example, a good medical doctor would focus on the implications of symptoms observed in a patient. The doctor would try to find the cause of the disease and not just treat the symptoms. Simply prescribing a pain-killer for a headache may prevent the diagnosis of a more serious problem such as a brain tumour.
When you have analysed these symptoms you need to diagnose one key managerial problem facing management. For example, an organisation that has high levels of employee absence may have deep-seated problems; high levels of absence could be a symptom of high levels of actual sickness (perhaps related to poor health and safety practice) or disengagement from work (perhaps influenced by workplace problems such as bullying). In such a case, bullying or bribing staff to come in to work may well make the long-term situation much worse, either making employees sickness worse or exacerbating their disengagement.
You must then provide specific recommendations for action to address this problem. You should suggest a small number (1-3 only) of actions that management can take to address the problem that you diagnose. You should remember that implementing such recommendations can also be seen as a form of cultural change, so it is important to consider how such changes can be managed most effectively.
Additional Information
Please note that it is not sufficient to blame individuals for problem situations; you are required to explore possible reasons for the problems that you identify in the case material.
You should clearly identify specific assumptions and indicate any additional information needs in relation to the case.
You need to apply relevant theories and models of culture and other relevant research to help understand the behaviour and attitudes of the key stakeholders and to justify your suggestions.
In tutorials students will be given support and guidance in analysing case studies.
Case study: Setting up a restaurant in Hong Kong: La Napoli.
Written guidance on writing reports and referencing (in unit handbook)
Marking Criteria
– Awareness of topical Issues/current thinking in the field of cross-cultural management
– Identification of relevant evidence of cultural norms and differences
– Critical evaluation of theories of culture
– Use of relevant models and theories to help explain the evidence collected
– Framing of recommendations supported by analysis of evidence and appropriate theories
– Clarity of Report/Presentation and referencing

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