critiquing the report

Critique the reports
Read the two student reports ‘Rouse Hill Report’ and ‘Substance Abuse in Liverpool’ to be found in Readings and Resources. These reports have achieved high achieving marks. However, no report is perfect. Your task is to read each section and critique the reports using the questions below. You must respond to all the questions.
Introduction: Read the introduction of both the reports and compare the structure of the reports. Do both of them meet the requirements of an introduction?
Body: The body of the reports are divided into sections. List the main sections of both the reports:
How do the authors use section headings to indicate what the report is about?
Do they have logical sequence?
Do you find them as effective way of structuring report? Why or why not?
What should conclusion provide?
 Have the authors of both the reports been able to provide succinct conclusions?
What would you change or do differently?
Referencing: Read the reference list in the reports.
What types of materials have the authors used (e.g. journal articles, newspaper articles …)?
Read the text of the reports. Have the authors referenced correctly in the correct places?
Have they used an appropriate referencing style and maintained consistency throughout the report?
Illustration: What type of illustrations have the authors used (e.g. figures, tables)?
Where are the figures taken from? (e.g. did the authors make the figures get them from the internet, or compile them from a variety of sources)
Are the figures used relevant and effective?
Do these figures have headings and captions? Are they referred to in the text of the report?
Presentation: Evaluate the overall presentation and appearance of the report.
What are its strengths and weaknesses?
Are there any ideas that you will use in your group report?

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