Critical thinking contributes to a rational

Short Essay
It is important that you use supporting evidence and reference correctly. I strongly recommend that you paraphrase (express other people s ideas in your own words and correctly reference) instead of using direct quotes because these assignments are too short to use up your words on direct quotes. If you absolutely must use direct quotes, please make sure that they are very short “ less than two lines.

Explain how critical thinking contributes to a rational and democratic society.

Assignment 2 will be assessed according to the following criteria:
Relevance of the answer to the question set
Demonstrated ability to argue your case based on the evidence/ideas you cite
Demonstrated ability to use unit material critically in order to promote independent thinking on the assignment question
Demonstrated ability to construct a coherent argument
Demonstrated ability to express your ideas clearly and succinctly and in logical sequence, i.e. grammar, vocabulary, academic style, and sentence structure
Written expression, literacy, style and presentation are taken into account in the marking

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